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Visit to Metalor of the President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso

His Exc. Salifou Diallo, President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso, with a delegation of Burkino Faso deputies and officials as well as representatives of the Swiss confederation and Foreign Affairs, has visited Metalor Facilities in Marin in the frame to his official visit to Switzerland invited by the Swiss Confederation. The goal of the visit was to reinforce the will of the Burkina Administration to support responsible mining in the country, according to the sustainable practices followed by the mining companies working with Metalor since 2008. Metalor works with a selective number of industrial mines in Burkina, all fulfilling the Due Diligence requirements of the group, and not with artisanal mines. Mr. Diallo highlighted the need to embrace the standards of Metalor in terms of the traceability of the gold, the respect of human rights, particularly focused on preventing child labour, and environmental standards to make sure that the mining activity do comply with the demands of international associations. Further cooperation in the area of enhancing the regulatory frame of Burkina Faso around mining were also discussed during the visit so the country can better tackle the challenges posed by the artisanal mining.

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