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Riveted assemblies

Large range of contact rivets available for low voltage switchgear.
The use of rivets allows great flexibility in a variety of applications and where batch sizes may vary and material requirements may be different.


Industrial control gear

  • Network relays
  • Contactors

Transport industry

  • Automotive switchgear
  • Automotive relays

Telecommunications industry

  • Relays

Domestic appliances

  • Relays

Contact forms

  • Silver / Silver alloy rivets
    • Solid
    • Bimetallic
    • Trimetallic turned parts

Support types and production

  • Materials :Copper, brass ,bronze, steel, copper plated steel, zamac
  • Manufacturing process: Stamped, machined...

Turned supports

Coated supports

Stamped supports

Riveted assemblies

At Metalor Technologies we use a number of different production methods allowing us to satisfy customer demands for variable batch sizes and contact types.

Production process

Production batch size


Tooling costs

Manual assembly

100 – 5000 parts

All types

Very low

Semi-automatic indexing table


1 000 – 20.000 parts

All types



> 20.000 parts

All types


Automatic rivet feed and insertion

> 20.000 parts



Component quality

Metalor Technologies has specialist knowledge in obtaining perfect bond between rivet head and the corresponding support.
Metalor Technologies designs tooling to ensure minimal deformation of the rivet during the riveting operation.
Metalor Technologies closely controls the size ratio between head and shank to ensure optimum riveting quality.

Production means