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Metalor has signed a distribution agreement with Tarn-Pure Ag Ltd. to supply silver conforming to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) 528/2012/EU

Neuchâtel (Switzerland), 3. December 2015

For thousands of years silver has been known for its anti-bacterial properties and can therefore be found in numerous biocidal products today. According to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) 528 published in 2012, not only biocidal products but also their active substances are now to be authorised by the competent authorities. The authorisation of biocidal substances is thus being reviewed by industry consortia financing the studies required by EU authorities. Since 1 September 2015, to ensure fair treatment of all companies in the EU market, all manufacturers of biocidal products sold in the EU have to either participate directly in the review costs of their active substances or source their active substances from suppliers who are contributing to these review costs (which are listed in the Article 95 list of the BPR).

Tarn-Pure is a founding member of the EU BPR Silver Task Force and is listed in Article 95 of the BPR as an authorised supplier of metallic silver for product types 2, 4, 5, 9 and 11. By signing a distribution agreement with Tarn-Pure Metalor can now offer silver for biocidal applications conformed to the BPR through all its subsidiaries in Europe. This partnership is a unique and straightforward opportunity allowing all the users of silver as a biocide to comply with the new regulations. As a well-known refiner of precious metals, and silver in particular, Metalor Technologies is able to supply a full range of silver products such as grains, parts, powders, nitrates, oxides, sulphates, carbonates and others.

For more information regarding the sourcing of silver for biocidal products please contact your nearest Metalor subsidiary as found under http://www.metalor.com/en/node_59/Kontakt or Gilles Robert at:

Metalor Technologies SA

Rue des Perveuils 8

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