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Given the information published by various media in Peru (La Republica, the Public Eye website) on a gold doré shipment from the company Minerales del Sur (MDS) to Metalor Technologies, Metalor wishes to point out the following:

  1. Metalor is not part of the inspection procedure of that shipment and has not been queried at all by the Peruvian authorities in relation to this matter; However, Metalor has already expressed its willingness to collaborate with total transparency with the Peruvian administration;
  2. The commercial relation of Metalor with MDS is limited to the collaboration between MDS and the state owned company Activos Mineros in the region of Puno. Activos Mineros is responsible to foster the formalization process among the artisanal mining sector in Peru. That activity is supported by Metalor since 2014 when MDS won the public tender organized by Activos Mineros to procure gold from artisanal miners the Puno Region.
  3. In this sense, and in the frame of its relation with Activos Mineros, MDS does provide regular information on its operations to Activos Mineros, the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Customs and Tax authorities (SUNAT);
  4. That in view of said inspection procedure, and insofar as it is in progress, no indication can be drawn about any irregularity in this matter;
  5. Metalor develops its activity in line with the highest standards of compliance in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD and the international associations LBMA and RJC.
  6. Metalor activity in Peru does continue business as usual

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