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MetGold 3010 (HS) hard gold process is giving significant gold savings in high speed connector plating applications

Neuchâtel, 22. May 2014

Metalor Technologies’ innovative high speed hard gold plating processes continue to provide connector plating customers with significant gold savings in a variety of different processes.

MetGold 3010 Series: Innovative Hard Gold Processes

“The MetGold 3010 (HS) process was developed, very specifically, to address our customers’ increasing performance and cost saving demands required for the next generation of high speed hard gold processes, particularly in situations where minimized immersion is paramount”, said Stewart Hemsley, Global Research and Development Manager (Plating) at Metalor. “Our customers have to deal with many issues and cost reduction is always top of the list, but they must also maintain quality and performance requirements”.

Key points raised by platers include:

· Costs: the high gold price, and general market consensus that the gold price will increase, is a focal point for cost saving.

· Reliability: thinner and thinner gold deposits at increasingly faster line speeds raise concerns regarding gold porosity and distribution.

· Environment: more stringent environmental compliance demands must be met.

“Given these demands, the MetGold 3010 (HS) process is producing excellent gold savings, quality deposits and is meeting environmental compliance demands at multiple global locations”, continues Stewart, “due to its innovative proprietary immersion reduction and rapid pore closure formulation”.

MetGold 3010 (HS) has yielded significant gold savings compared to a number of competitive processes when utilized in the high speed connector plant designs below.

· Spot/Jet 10 – 20 %

· Moving mask 10 – 15 %

· Brush 10 – 15 %

· Dip selective 10 – 15 %

With the gold price currently around $ 1300 - 1400/toz, the MetGold 3010 (HS) process enables very significant and real material cost savings achieved by minimizing gold wastage.

The core activities of Metalor’s business unit Advanced Coatings focus on the application of metallization technologies. Products include: highly engineered precious metal powders and flakes; chemicals, salts and additives for the electroplating of precious metals and solid precious metal formats (bars, wires, ingots etc.). Metalor products are incorporated globally into decorative, electrically conductive adhesive and inks, electronic devices and contacts, printed wiring boards (PWB’s), semiconductor fabrication and solar cell market segments. The knowledge and processes which Metalor has developed over the years, the exceptional quality of its products and the ability to anticipate market trends and requirements, have earned the company a reputation of excellence all over the world.

For more information regarding the MetGold 3010 (HS) process and how its industry leading cost of ownership can help your business, contact Tim Tubergen or Gary Nicholls at:

Metalor Technologies USA Corporation

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North Attleboro, MA 02763

Tel: +1 508-699-8800


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