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Métaux Précieux becomes Metalor Technologies

Division : Advanced Coatings

As from April 23, 2001 Metalor Technologies SA is taking over the operating activities of the Métaux Précieux SA Metalor company. This change of structure is part of the development in international activities of the METALOR Group. The company, which is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, currently employs around 650 persons in Switzerland and nearly 1500 worldwide.

Metalor Technologies SA, the name of the new operating company of the METALOR Group in Switzerland, more accurately reflects the activities of the group and its positioning on interna-tional markets. This new positioning is accompanied by changes to the internal structure, under which there are three active companies in Switzerland. First, Metalor Technologies SA is ta-king over the operating activities of the former Métaux Précieux SA Metalor company. Next, the latter is changing its name too to Metalor Technologies International SA and will become the Metalor Group holding company. Finally, Metalor Finance SA is the company which will be financing all the group’s legal entities.

Starting with refining precious metals and production of bank ingots, METALOR has developed its activities over the past decades to offer products made of precious metals and other advanced materials for industries as diverse and as demanding as the medical and dental industries, the electronics and electro-technical industries and the prestige watch-making industries. In addi-tion, the name Metalor Technologies, which is now part of the corporate name of every compa-ny in the group, also responds to its international orientation.

This change is of a purely internal nature, and does not in any way modify the contractual ar-rangements binding METALOR to its employees, customers, suppliers or other partners.

The METALOR Group, whose headquarters are located in Neuchâtel, remains at the cutting edge of technology in the field of precious metals and advanced materials. Through its subsidiaries, it is present in 15 countries on 3 continents and employs nearly 1500 people. An important em-ployer in the canton of Neuchâtel, METALOR has about 650 people on its payroll in Switzerland, mainly based at the production sites in Neuchâtel, Marin, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Cossonay-Gare (VD). Net turnover (exclusive of value of precious metals) amounts to approximately 300 Million Swiss Francs.

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