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A new shocking TV report

Neuchâtel (Switzerland) – January 14, 2015

Dear stakeholders,

We would like to inform you that a TV report was broadcasted on January 13th on the RTS 1 Swiss channel (http://www.rts.ch/info/suisse/6454564-le-conseil-federal-charge-d-investiguer-sur-la-provenance-de-l-or-de-metalor.html) linking Metalor to “dirty gold” from Burkina Faso.

This report has been pictured in a way that is casting shadows both on our industry and on Metalor, as it has unfortunately been the pattern in the Swiss media, despite of our collaboration and transparency with it. Metalor has to clearly voice that such report does NOT reflect reality, beyond the point of being absolutely unfair.

The fact is that Metalor has been working in a very open way with the media regarding the gold supplied from Burkina Faso, and in this sense we would like to re-confirm again that:

  1. Metalor does not have any commercial relationship with the company SOMIKA, neither now nor in the past, and have nothing to do with the tragic events mentioned in the report. We have just found out that SOMIKA pretended to be partner of Metalor and made a reference to that in its web page. However, such was immediately removed after we compelled SOMIKA to do so, already a couple of weeks ago.
  2. We stressed the fact that Metalor is only dealing with reputable Industrial Mines in Burkina Faso, that are respecting all international standards and human rights, including not using child labour.
  3. Metalor is communicating in a transparent way with all our stakeholders, including the Swiss authorities, the way we do business, and the standards we require to our supply chain, both in terms of responsible mining and respect of human rights.

As you can notice, there is little interest in giving an objective and complete view of all efforts and measures taken by Metalor to ensure traceability through all the steps of the supply chain and the way we ensure the respect of human rights.

Since its creation 160 years ago, Metalor has always been recognized by our employees and our worldwide business partners as an ethical and responsible precious metal company that has become the world’s largest multiple site refiner of gold.

Metalor’s corporate culture has been founded upon honesty and integrity at all levels of the company, and we are determined to continue to be relentless in our efforts to implement these values internally and externally.

We thank you for your consideration.

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