電子材料事業 division

Metalor announces expansion in Mexico 2015.10.22
Opening ceremony of Metalor Electrotechnics in Suzhou 2014.07.03
Metalor to build a new electrical contact production plant in Mexico 2014.03.20
Metalor at ICEC/ICREPEC International Show 2012 in Beijing 2012.04.18
Supplier of the year 2005 award 2006.03.06
Metalor Contacts : breakthrough in the fuse market 2002.01.22


Demerger Metalor Technologies France 2017.04.26
Demerger Metalor Technologies France to the benefit of Metalor Technologies Electrotechnics France 2017.04.26
Demerger Metalor Technologies France to the benefit of Metalor Technologies Advanced Coatings France 2017.04.26
Visit to Metalor of the President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso 2017.03.22
Press Release: Gold doré from Colombia 2017.03.06
Metalor Legal & Compliance team listed by Legal 500 2016.11.01
Press Release: Metalor Technologies International is pleased to announce that the previously communicated agreement to sell 100% of the equity of Metalor to Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo 2016.09.27
News: Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. Acquires the Shares of Metalor Technologies International SA 2016.07.12
Article by Human Rights Watch on the Digital newspaper “L’Obs” on May 9th, 2016 2016.05.12
Burkina Faso: Metalor conteste la vision de deux ONG 2016.02.24
Responsible industrial gold mining in Burkina Faso and respect of human rights / the role of Switzerland and Metalor 2016.02.12
Colombia: Metalor sources gold exclusively from legal mining 2015.12.11
Peru: Metalor supports the formalization process in the gold mining sector 2015.12.09
Metalor has signed a distribution agreement with Tarn-Pure Ag Ltd. 2015.12.03
Report from the NGO SOMO on « Gold from children’s hands » 2015.11.23
Metalor new organization 2015.11.06
Metalor announces expansion in Mexico 2015.10.22
Follow up on the Metalor response to the report published by the Association SPM 2015.10.19
Metalor response to the report published by the Association SPM on the gold imported by Metalor from Peru 2015.10.07
Metalor response to the articles published by "La Liberté" and "20 Minutes" on August 10th, 2015 2015.08.17
Metalor response to the article “Dirty Gold: Chasing the trace of the London Bullion Market” published on the web by Ojo Publico on June 9th, 2015 2015.06.12
Metalor response to the report of Human Rights Watch: Precious Metal, Cheap Labor, Child Labor and Corporate Responsibility in Ghana Artisanal Gold Mines 2015.06.12
The movie « Dirty Gold War » by Daniel Schweizer, another attempt to cast shadows on the Swiss Gold industry 2015.06.08
Metalor Technologies SA and Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd achieve RJC Chain-Of-Custody re-certification 2015.05.19
Governance and leadership transition 2015.04.30
Shocking article published by le Matin Dimanche on 15/03/15 2015.03.17
A new shocking TV report 2015.01.14
Metalor Group – The first and only LBMA approved precious metals refiner in the world to offer certified Fairmined Gold 2014.10.03
Metalor Singapore added to the LBMA’s Gold Good Delivery List 2014.07.17
Metalor welcomes Philippe Royer as the new Group CEO 2014.07.10
Metalor to hold opening ceremony for new Singapore refinery 2014.06.30
Publication of study: Precious Metals Refining in Switzerland's Economy by Pr. Olivier Cadot and Dyai Conde 2014.06.26
Metalor officially confirms its “Latenor” building project 2014.06.19
Metalor to build a new electrical contact production plant in Mexico 2014.03.20
Double RJC certification for Metalor 2014.01.21
Metalor casts the first gold bar at its new Singapore refinery 2013.06.13
Metalor welcomes Patrick Arnegger as the new Group CFO 2013.05.06
Organization Announcement 2013.04.26
Shocking article published by l'Hebdo on 14/03/13 2013.03.15
Metalor becomes an Ordinary Member of the London Bullion Market Association 2012.11.19
Metalor to build gold refinery in Singapore 2012.11.12
Metalor announces industry recognition by RJC, LBMA, the EICC® and GeSI 2012.10.08
Metalor – the leading gold refiner worldwide for its efforts on conflict gold and improvement of artisanal mining 2012.09.25
Metalor and Eritrea – ethical and responsible refining of precious metals 2012.08.07
Metalor Hong Kong acquires RJC Chain of Custody certification 2012.06.22
Swiss refiner Metalor Technologies SA is second to achieve RJC Chain of Custody certification 2012.05.29
Annual report 2011 available for download 2012.05.15
Metalor USA Refining is first to achieve Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody Certification 2012.05.01
Metalor at ICEC/ICREPEC International Show 2012 in Beijing 2012.04.18
Metalor USA Refining Corporation achieves Responsible Source™ Certification from SCS 2012.02.02
Metalor acquires Henkel’s silver and powder manufacturing asset 2011.12.14
Human Rights Watch Report regarding Artisanal Mines Produce Gold with Child Labor 2011.12.08
New CFO at Metalor Technologies SA 2011.11.25
United Nations Global Compact 2011.10.26
Mid-Year report - first half 2011 2011.07.27
Quarterly Report March 2011 2011.05.05
Metalor agrees to buy NECC-Coatings 2011.02.25
Dodd-Frank Conflict-Free 2011.02.08
The Responsible Jewellery Council certifies Metalor Technologies SA 2011.01.20
Quarterly Report September 2010 2010.11.02
Mid-Year report - first half 2010 2010.08.09
Annual report 2009 available for download 2010.03.31
Closure of the Watches and Jewelry Division 2010.02.10
Metalor acquires AMI Doduco’s activities in the Americas 2009.12.23
Metalor Technologies International SA is pleased to announce a re-alignment of its shareholding structure 2009.09.07
Annual report 2008 available for download 2009.03.27
Metalor reaches milestone in quality management 2009.01.06
Quarterly Report September 2008 2008.11.03
Mid-Year report - first half 2008 2008.07.28
Metalor welcomes a new Board Member 2008.03.19
Mid-Year report - first half 2007 2007.07.22
New Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board appointed 2007.04.04
Metalor acquires the refining business of Johnson Matthey Hong Kong 2007.04.02
Annual report 2006 available 2007.03.21
Mid-Year Report - June 2006 2006.08.09
Press release - 6th April 2006 2006.04.05
Annual report 2005 available 2006.03.26
Supplier of the year 2005 award 2006.03.06
Gyr Métaux Précieux SA distribue les produits Metalor 2006.02.23
Pureté d'esprit - Pallabij 262 - un classique Metalor à la mode 2006.02.23
Quantité minimale par ligne de commande 2006.02.23
Législation sur le cadmium 2006.02.23
Metalor supports nanotechnology education in Neuchatel 2005.08.07
Mid year report - first half 2005 2005.07.24
Annual report 2004 available 2005.03.30
Metalor golden papys 2005.02.08
Prix d'Excellence en Ressources Humaines 2004.10.13
Mid year report - first half 2004 2004.08.11
Metalor Technologies SA to invest in pharma 2004.07.11
Annual report 2003 available 2004.07.07
Metalor Technologies SA New Organization 2004.05.13
New Chairman of the Board 2004.04.18
W. C. Heraeus acquires Metalor Medical Division 2003.06.19
Annual Report 2001 available 2002.07.28
Metalor member of the LBMA 2002.05.12
Metalor acquires the DAT business of Engelhard-Clal 2002.04.30
Metalor Contacts : breakthrough in the fuse market 2002.01.22
Jewelry: New distribution agreement in the Swiss market 2001.11.21
Which is tomorrows’ white gold alloy ? 2001.09.19
Metalor Annual Report 2000 is available 2001.07.23
Métaux Précieux becomes Metalor Technologies 2001.04.22
New Targets Department at METALOR 2001.03.21
Electrical contacts activities of Chemet Corp. renamed 2000.11.01