Silver graphite nickel






80 % mini

0.1 - 5 %

20 % maxi

Grain size

< 5 μ

2 - 5 μ

NB : please, contact us if the above details do not meet your specific requirements (content %, grain size)

Manufacturing process

  • Powder metallurgy
  • Die compacting, bars, tips
  • Extrusion : strips

Ag C Ni 94 - 4 - 2

Forms available

These electrical contacts are usually produced by die compacting or stamping of bars, a great variety of shapes is therefore possible.
The assembly is possible with a pure silver or silver nickel layer with (or not) a brazing alloy.

The most common forms are as follows :

M.C.B. Contact

Industrial circuit – breaker


Rivets : solid, bimetallic (the shape depends on the graphite content)

  • Switchgears
  • MCB (fixed contact)
  • ACB (fixed contact)
  • Domestic appliances
  • Distribution of electrical energy
  • Railways
  • Aircraft industry

Others conditions

We manufacture according to our customers' specifications. Our technicians are readily available to discuss contact forms, dimensions and brazing requirements.