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Colombia: Metalor sources gold exclusively from legal mining

Neuchatel, December 11, 2015 - The Colombian magazine “Semana” has published on December 7th a new article on illegal mining in Colombia. This time the publication is focused on the Choco region, one of the richest alluvial gold areas in the country. The article mentions that companies such as Metalor are buying from the area “without asking so many questions”. In that regard we want to stress the following points:

  1. It is not true at all that Metalor is sourcing metal neither from the Choco nor from any other Colombian region “without asking so many questions”.
  2. On the contrary Metalor has in place a strong due diligence process that requires that all its trading customers be registered with the RUCOM (Official Colombian Registry of Mineral Trading Players – Registro Unico de Comercializadores de Mineral), and the clear identification of the source of the mineral. In absence of these Metalor does refrain from accepting any mineral.
  3. In addition to that Metalor is certified by International Organizations such as Fairmined, Fairtrade, or RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council), which validate on regular basis, through independent third party audits, that the company does respect human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, sustainable mining practices, etc., wherever it operates all the way through its supply chain. This is the result of years of hard work and cooperation with those international bodies and NGOs. For sake of transparency, these certifications are publicly available on our web site.

Regrettably, and without providing any evidence whatsoever the magazine “Semana” tries to cast shadows on Metalor, point that we have to firmly reject. Metalor has been and will continue to support fair and sustainable business and it is fully committed to legal mining in Colombia and wherever the company operates.

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