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In light of some information published by the Colombian magazines (Tiempo & Semana) relative to the police enforcement actions in the City of Medellin over 7 Colombian local companies presumably being involved trading of illegal gold in the years 2010-2012, where one of those companies may be linked to a former customer of Metalor named C.I S & JIL S.A.S, Metalor wants to make clear the following:

1) That Metalor has imported gold doré from Colombia always and exclusively in full compliance the applicable Colombian regulations, both in terms of mining and tax/customs requirements

2) That every shipment has been duly cleared by the Mining and Tax/Custom authorities

3) That Metalor did business with that company for the period 2012 – 2015, having stopped the relationship since August 2015.

4) That Metalor has already contacted the Criminal Prosecutor (Fiscalia de la Nacion) in order to offer all its collaboration in this matter.

5) That Metalor is and will continue to be committed to do business in a legal and ethical manner

Metalor carries out its own due diligence according to the highest standards, always abiding by the regulatory framework of the country where it does business.

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