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Metalor Group – Shocking article published by le Matin Dimanche on 15/03/15

Neuchâtel (Switzerland) – March 17, 2015

We would like to share our views about the publication of an article in the Swiss newspaper « Le Matin Dimanche » on Sunday, March 15th, 2015 with title: “Le Tsar de l’or” a été arrêté pour blanchiment aggravé en Colombie”.

The position of Metalor regarding the company Goldex is not new and has been very clear from the very beginning. Metalor does not do business with this entity since almost a year (April 2014), decision that was taken at the time as a precaution due to the negative rumours echoed by the Colombian media about the activities of Goldex. Consistently with its compliance and monitoring processes, Metalor was already following up that company for a long time, even with the Colombian authorities, in its efforts to secure full compliance with both international standards and anti-money laundering legislation. It looks like again that Metalor’preventive actions are not worth to be mentioned by Le Matin Dimanche.

Regrettably this is another attempt of the media to cast shadows on the activities of our company in Swtizerland, but as usual based on pure speculation with no real facts behind. We plainly reject such allegations. This article questions the information related to a Colombian company called C.I. Goldex that were already communicated by Metalor to this journalist within the framework of a press article published by “Le Matin Dimanche” on the same topic, on last October 26th.

We therefore would like to reaffirm today that in conformity with Metalor’s Due Diligence process, further clarifications were required on the company C.I Goldex from the Colombian authorities. According to letters dated September 3rd, 2013, June 13th and August 13th, 2014, the Colombian taxes and customs Office (DIAN) as well as the Colombian Office specialized in the fight against drug traffic and money laundering, confirmed in writing the lack of evidence of criminal charges against Mr. John Uber Hernandez Santa and the company C.I. Goldex.

Despite this information, Metalor decided however to definitively terminate, already in April 2014, its commercial relationship with C.I. Goldex as a precautionary measure in order to protect the reputational risk of Metalor and its customers. Metalor did also keep duly informed the Swiss authorities in charge of the supervision of the money laundering matters within the precious metal sector.

In its article, the journalist also pretends that Metalor was not willing to provide information despite of several requests which, again, is totally false. Metalor collaborated in full transparency with this journalist last October in the context of the above mentioned press article and has not been further solicited since then. A formal complaint will be addressed to this newspaper accordingly.

In parallel, Metalor continues to work in maintaining its compliance process at the highest level. As evidence of this, Metalor has already successfully passed two audits in 2015 regarding the (re) certification of its compliance processes according to standards of various well reputed International Organizations. Talking about unsufficient control as pretended by the Swiss journalist is absolutely false and misleading.

Once again, we regret the lack of professionalism of certain “so called” journalists and their practices which are essentially dictated by a sensationalism to the detriment of the true and quality of the information.

We thank you for your consideration.

Metalor Technologies SA

Philippe Royer,


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