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Which is tomorrows’ white gold alloy ?

Division : Watches and Jewelry

During the “Societe Suisse de Chronometrie meeting” that took place in Neuchâtel on
17th September, Metalor Technologies S.A. presented a paper entitled :

Which is tomorrows’ white gold alloy ?

White gold alloys have taken, in recent years, more than 50% of the watch and jewellery market.

New Swiss and European laws covering the release of nickel by these alloys, leading to possible allergic reaction, have steered the market for precious metals towards an increase in the use of palladium.

Unfortunately, this metal also saw an increase in demand coming from the car catalyst sector. The palladium price increased tenfold in the space of five years, culminating at more than CHF 60'000.- /kg at the end of January 2001.

After the replacement of nickel by palladium, can one hope for a more economic material than the latter ?

The study of this subject has led to the introduction to our range of a white alloy, without palladium, nickel or silver : Au 750/3113.

The alloy is available in the following forms : Sheet, tube, wires, blanks and stampings.

It is not recommended for lost wax casting and should be rhodium plated.

This alloy can be hardened by heat-treatment, enabling more complex shapes to be formed mechanically like for example deployment clasps.

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