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Metalor acquires the refining business of Johnson Matthey Hong Kong 2007-04-02
Metalor member of the LBMA 2002-05-12


Demerger Metalor Technologies France 2017-04-26
Demerger Metalor Technologies France to the benefit of Metalor Technologies Electrotechnics France 2017-04-26
Demerger Metalor Technologies France to the benefit of Metalor Technologies Advanced Coatings France 2017-04-26
Visit to Metalor of the President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso 2017-03-22
Press Release: Gold doré from Colombia 2017-03-06
Metalor Legal & Compliance team listed by Legal 500 2016-11-01
Press Release: Metalor Technologies International is pleased to announce that the previously communicated agreement to sell 100% of the equity of Metalor to Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo 2016-09-27
News: Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. Acquires the Shares of Metalor Technologies International SA 2016-07-12
Article by Human Rights Watch on the Digital newspaper “L’Obs” on May 9th, 2016 2016-05-12
Burkina Faso: Metalor conteste la vision de deux ONG 2016-02-24
Responsible industrial gold mining in Burkina Faso and respect of human rights / the role of Switzerland and Metalor 2016-02-12
Colombia: Metalor sources gold exclusively from legal mining 2015-12-11
Peru: Metalor supports the formalization process in the gold mining sector 2015-12-09
Metalor has signed a distribution agreement with Tarn-Pure Ag Ltd. 2015-12-03
Report from the NGO SOMO on « Gold from children’s hands » 2015-11-23
Metalor new organization 2015-11-06
Metalor announces expansion in Mexico 2015-10-22
Follow up on the Metalor response to the report published by the Association SPM 2015-10-19
Metalor response to the report published by the Association SPM on the gold imported by Metalor from Peru 2015-10-07
Metalor response to the articles published by "La Liberté" and "20 Minutes" on August 10th, 2015 2015-08-17
Metalor response to the article “Dirty Gold: Chasing the trace of the London Bullion Market” published on the web by Ojo Publico on June 9th, 2015 2015-06-12
Metalor response to the report of Human Rights Watch: Precious Metal, Cheap Labor, Child Labor and Corporate Responsibility in Ghana Artisanal Gold Mines 2015-06-12
The movie « Dirty Gold War » by Daniel Schweizer, another attempt to cast shadows on the Swiss Gold industry 2015-06-08
Metalor Technologies SA and Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd achieve RJC Chain-Of-Custody re-certification 2015-05-19
Governance and leadership transition 2015-04-30
Shocking article published by le Matin Dimanche on 15/03/15 2015-03-17
A new shocking TV report 2015-01-14
Metalor Group – The first and only LBMA approved precious metals refiner in the world to offer certified Fairmined Gold 2014-10-03
Metalor Singapore added to the LBMA’s Gold Good Delivery List 2014-07-17
Metalor welcomes Philippe Royer as the new Group CEO 2014-07-10
Metalor to hold opening ceremony for new Singapore refinery 2014-06-30
Publication of study: Precious Metals Refining in Switzerland's Economy by Pr. Olivier Cadot and Dyai Conde 2014-06-26
Metalor officially confirms its “Latenor” building project 2014-06-19
Metalor to build a new electrical contact production plant in Mexico 2014-03-20
Double RJC certification for Metalor 2014-01-21
Metalor casts the first gold bar at its new Singapore refinery 2013-06-13
Metalor welcomes Patrick Arnegger as the new Group CFO 2013-05-06
Organization Announcement 2013-04-26
Shocking article published by l'Hebdo on 14/03/13 2013-03-15
Metalor becomes an Ordinary Member of the London Bullion Market Association 2012-11-19
Metalor to build gold refinery in Singapore 2012-11-12
Metalor announces industry recognition by RJC, LBMA, the EICC® and GeSI 2012-10-08
Metalor – the leading gold refiner worldwide for its efforts on conflict gold and improvement of artisanal mining 2012-09-25
Metalor and Eritrea – ethical and responsible refining of precious metals 2012-08-07
Metalor Hong Kong acquires RJC Chain of Custody certification 2012-06-22
Swiss refiner Metalor Technologies SA is second to achieve RJC Chain of Custody certification 2012-05-29
Annual report 2011 available for download 2012-05-15
Metalor USA Refining is first to achieve Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody Certification 2012-05-01
Metalor at ICEC/ICREPEC International Show 2012 in Beijing 2012-04-18
Metalor USA Refining Corporation achieves Responsible Source™ Certification from SCS 2012-02-02
Metalor acquires Henkel’s silver and powder manufacturing asset 2011-12-14
Human Rights Watch Report regarding Artisanal Mines Produce Gold with Child Labor 2011-12-08
New CFO at Metalor Technologies SA 2011-11-25
United Nations Global Compact 2011-10-26
Mid-Year report - first half 2011 2011-07-27
Quarterly Report March 2011 2011-05-05
Metalor agrees to buy NECC-Coatings 2011-02-25
Dodd-Frank Conflict-Free 2011-02-08
The Responsible Jewellery Council certifies Metalor Technologies SA 2011-01-20
Quarterly Report September 2010 2010-11-02
Mid-Year report - first half 2010 2010-08-09
Annual report 2009 available for download 2010-03-31
Closure of the Watches and Jewelry Division 2010-02-10
Metalor acquires AMI Doduco’s activities in the Americas 2009-12-23
Metalor Technologies International SA is pleased to announce a re-alignment of its shareholding structure 2009-09-07
Annual report 2008 available for download 2009-03-27
Metalor reaches milestone in quality management 2009-01-06
Quarterly Report September 2008 2008-11-03
Mid-Year report - first half 2008 2008-07-28
Metalor welcomes a new Board Member 2008-03-19
Mid-Year report - first half 2007 2007-07-22
New Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board appointed 2007-04-04
Metalor acquires the refining business of Johnson Matthey Hong Kong 2007-04-02
Annual report 2006 available 2007-03-21
Mid-Year Report - June 2006 2006-08-09
Press release - 6th April 2006 2006-04-05
Annual report 2005 available 2006-03-26
Supplier of the year 2005 award 2006-03-06
Gyr Métaux Précieux SA distribue les produits Metalor 2006-02-23
Pureté d'esprit - Pallabij 262 - un classique Metalor à la mode 2006-02-23
Quantité minimale par ligne de commande 2006-02-23
Législation sur le cadmium 2006-02-23
Metalor supports nanotechnology education in Neuchatel 2005-08-07
Mid year report - first half 2005 2005-07-24
Annual report 2004 available 2005-03-30
Metalor golden papys 2005-02-08
Prix d'Excellence en Ressources Humaines 2004-10-13
Mid year report - first half 2004 2004-08-11
Metalor Technologies SA to invest in pharma 2004-07-11
Annual report 2003 available 2004-07-07
Metalor Technologies SA New Organization 2004-05-13
New Chairman of the Board 2004-04-18
W. C. Heraeus acquires Metalor Medical Division 2003-06-19
Annual Report 2001 available 2002-07-28
Metalor member of the LBMA 2002-05-12
Metalor acquires the DAT business of Engelhard-Clal 2002-04-30
Metalor Contacts : breakthrough in the fuse market 2002-01-22
Jewelry: New distribution agreement in the Swiss market 2001-11-21
Which is tomorrows’ white gold alloy ? 2001-09-19
Metalor Annual Report 2000 is available 2001-07-23
Métaux Précieux becomes Metalor Technologies 2001-04-22
New Targets Department at METALOR 2001-03-21
Electrical contacts activities of Chemet Corp. renamed 2000-11-01